Shepherd Gilmour has over 60 years experience in both public sector and private sector office developments. Our work has involved a wide range of developments including starter units, regional HQ buildings for international clients, office park developments, multi-storey city centre developments, as well as a move towards mixed-use developments.

In recent years, we have designed over two & a half million square feet of office space. This has enabled us to develop a wide array of knowledge & practical solutions. We understand the needs of office design; namely, the requirement to maximise net floor area, working with occupiers, & maintaining strict cost & programme controls.

The majority of our work now has sustainability criteria attached, using tools such as BREEAM to assess environmental impact as well as increasing energy efficiency. We work closely with our design team partners & the contracting team to ensure that such factors are built into the project at an early stage.

Our work with commercial clients include projects such as Manchester TechnoPark, Daresbury Office Park in Runcorn, and 140,000 sq.ft. headquarters for Cobbetts Solicitors.

In the public sector side, we have completed work on the relocation of Greater Manchester Police’s headquarters. Other projects include the impressive Welsh Assembly building in North Wales, and the 230,000 sq.ft. PFI-funded Inland Revenue offices in Salford.